The Virtual Learning System of inquiry-based learning is designed to be relevant for all students no matter their background.  The curriculum is aligned with the C3 Framework with emphasis on college readiness, career building and civic responsibility. Included in the VLS curriculum is a wide spectrum of tools and deliverables, including broadcast quality, storytelling videos that serve as a foundation for each unit of learning.  The curriculum includes:

  • Historical narratives, photos and video
  • Learning objectives, standards alignment
  • Lessons plans with dozens of assignments and student activity worksheets. These “Think Sheets” are ready to go with detailed yet digestible inquiry-based instructions set in a graphical format
  • Extensive primary and secondary resource citations for student research
  • Scoring guidelines and standards for student evaluations
  • Field trip itineraries to take learning right to the historical sites

Students as Social Science Investigators (SSIs)

VLS creates experiential learning by turning students into Social Science Investigators (SSIs).  By putting students in the role of SSIs, they instantly become active learners.  Students learn how to ask questions, discover facts, evaluate data, identify chain of events, collaborate and draw logical conclusions. The assignments also require students to develop multi-media communication skills and an ability to advocate a point of view.

Specific Skills Targeted

The VLS curriculum is designed to develop key life skills and core disciplines, including the ability to:

  • Read and write
  • Communicate in multi-media formats
  • Ask questions and conduct interviews
  • Discover information and evidence
  • Think critically
  • Think logistically
  • Collaborate
  • Reach a conclusion
  • Develop perspective, make an argument and advocate a position
  • Take informed action
  • Understand financial and economic decisions