Virtual Learning Systems, Inc. is a digital educational company on a mission to provide teachers with user-friendly, creative and highly visual online tools designed to get students excited again about learning.

VLS responded to the new federal government mandates requiring a return to a robust social studies education. The directive came after years of budget cuts to social studies and subsequent complaints from employers that many graduates couldn’t think critically, collaborate, solve problems or communicate.

VLS developed a vigorous American History digital social studies text book curriculum that blends online technology with inquiry-based and experiential learning. The curriculum is aligned with state and federal standards.

VLS began by asking teachers what they need.  Based on that research, VLS identified 13 key educational chapters under the government-mandated strands of geography, history, government and economics.  Each chapter aligns with the four dimensions of the C3 Framework preparing students for college, careers and civic responsibility.

Available Chapters under Phase One of the VLS Offering

  • First European Settlements – The Courageous Life of Early Pioneers
  • American Revolution – Rebellion Leads to Freedom
  • U.S. Constitution – A Living Document
  • The New York Stock Exchange – A Look at the World’s Largest Securities Market
  • Illinois Constitution – Guiding Government in The Prairie State
  • The Great Chicago Fire –Turning Tragedy into Triumph
  • Ellis Island and Immigration — A Gateway to Liberty and Opportunity
  • Causes and Consequences of World War I – The War to End all Wars
  • U.S. Entry into World War II – A Battle to Preserve Democracy
  • History of Labor Unions in the U.S. – A Fight for Better Wages and Working Conditions
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott and Civil Rights Movement — The Struggle for Justice and Equality
  • Grand Canyon – Exploring a Natural Treasure
  • How to Pass a Bill – Laws in the Making