American History Digital Textbook

Preparing Students for College, Careers, Civic Responsibility and the 21st Century Workforce
Connie Payton
Melissa Downey - Teacher

Developing an American History online digital textbook, VLS has met the need to empower and engage students remotely or in the classroom.

Teachers and students can login anywhere, at any time and on any device to access a brilliant new inquiry-based social studies curriculum.

Dr. Dean Cantu

Access at Your Fingertips

With just a few touches on a screen or clicks on a keyboard, middle school and high school teachers access a password protected, web-based platform, giving them strategies and materials needed to develop key skills and core disciplines. Students actively explore the new mandated strands of geography, history, government and economics in a way that encourages them to think critically, collaborate, solve problems and communicate.  The interactive online tools and lesson plans prepare students for college, careers and civic responsibility.

Big Benefits for All

Educators know that for students to be successful outside the classroom, schools needed to make significant change inside the classroom.  VLS has delivered on that mission with a creative inquiry-based curriculum that turns students into active learners.

Everyone benefits when students gain key life skills needed to succeed in college or on the job in the 21st century workplace.

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