Grand Canyon – Exploring a Natural Treasure

Survey One of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World” and Discover Why More than 5 Million People Visit Each Year

Students will follow inquiry-based learning to actively explore the geology, ancient history and massive size of The Grand Canyon. This ground-breaking experiential learning curriculum is at your fingertips via web-based access. It includes all relevant research and sourced material needed to document facts.  Students will:

  • View a student-narrated video that takes a virtual trip to the Grand Canyon, tells the story of how it got its name and explores its awesome beauty.
  • Research maps, illustrations, photographs, and other representations to visually describe the history of settlement in the Grand Canyon region.
  • Determine action they, their team and/or their school can take to preserve and protect the Grand Canyon and other historical and/or natural resources in their community.

The Mississippi River

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The Underground Railroad

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